protecting the things on your property outside of the home

protecting the things on your property outside of the home

Three Ways To Keep Your Home Safe From Burglars

by Louise Gomez

It's important for you to take all the precautions you can around your home to keep it protected from criminals who want to break in to steal from you. There are specific things most thieves look for in a home when they are trying to find their next victim. These things include goods, opportunity and access. This article will educate you on how you can set your yard and home up to take these things away from those looking to break in.

The goods

A thief will be more attracted to your home if they know what some of the things you have are. If they can see a garage full of tools, a huge big-screen TV hanging on your wall, expensive vases and other nick knacks sitting in plain view of the window, and a brand new kid's dirt bike parked in the yard, then they are going to be drawn to your home.

Keep your garage door closed unless there is a reason you need to have it open. Try to have your home decorated in a way that keeps most of your expensive items out of view when you have your blinds open to let the daylight in. Put all expensive toys in the garage or in the house. Also, when you make a new purchase, tear up the box and throw it away in a black trash bag or in the trash can so people can't take an inventory of your new items.

The opportunity

A criminal will try to break into a house when no one is home or when they are asleep. They know if they can get in and out undetected, then they will be given more of a lead before law enforcement is called. Also, they won't have to worry about a confrontation.

Make it hard for them to know whether or not you are home, and make it look like someone is always awake. You can do this by leaving some lights on in the house, leaving a TV on, having your neighbors pick up your newspaper when you are out of town, and keeping your blinds closed at night.

The access

A criminal wants to be able to get in and out of a house quickly and without being seen. They will look specifically for an entrance that provides them with a clear path that's hidden from the view of the street and that they feel will allow then to get into the house without being heard.

You can help cut down on attractive entrances by cutting back foliage that provides cover, putting deadbolts on all the doors around the house that lead to the outside, and by having an alarm system installed. An alarm system, like those supplied by Security By Private Eyes, will alert your family and neighbors close to you to the break-in. It will also let law enforcement know so they can get right out to hopefully catch them in the act.


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protecting the things on your property outside of the home

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