protecting the things on your property outside of the home

protecting the things on your property outside of the home

Common Types Of Fire Alarm Systems

by Louise Gomez

There are many types of fire alarm systems. That's because there are a variety of climates, buildings, and specific needs for protection against fires. However, most times you are probably going to want the common ones mentioned here:


These fire alarm systems tend to be more responsive in a timely manner to fires that contain a high amount of flames (as opposed to smoke). They work by containing a small piece of radioactive materials that rests between two metal plates (that are electronically charged). This setup means that the air that flows between the plates is ionized thanks to the radioactive bit. Therefore, when smoke happens to enter the component, it will disrupt the ions flowing back and forth. This reduction in current flow ends up triggering the alarm and giving everyone more time to get out of harm's way before it's too late. Iionization is ideal for flaming fires such as those caused by wood, and especially electrical fires (which are almost completely flames instead of smoke).


Some common smoke alarms are photoelectric instead of ion-based. These are particularly effective when fires are more likely to be smoky at first. This long period of smoldering is what triggers the alarm. The reason is that photoelectric alarms work by shooting a light beam into a chamber with a sensor. This sensor can pick up on light and is angled away from the light as a default position. However, when smoke happens to enter the chamber, it will act as a reflection point. The reflected light will now hit the sensor and the audible alarm will ring. This technology can be invaluable in homes where smoke is billowing through the house before flames reach the alarm.

Heat Sensing

Certain detecting alarms rely on heat to warn you in the event of a fire. The way it works is this: a beginning temperature is fixed into the alarm. Similar technology to that of a thermometer is used to detect the current temperature and the rate of change of the temperature. If the heat rises too rapidly, it will go into alarm mode.

There are of course many choices for your home or business when protecting everyone with fire alarms. However, you should conduct research into the likelihood of different kinds of fires in your specific situation. Then, one of these common fire alarm systems should be exactly what you need to be safe.


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protecting the things on your property outside of the home

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