protecting the things on your property outside of the home

protecting the things on your property outside of the home

  • Whether Or Not To Have Occupant-Use Fire Hoses In Your Office Building

    If you are in the midst of a big remodel of the office building you manage, you're going to have to answer questions about whether or not to keep old occupant-use fire hoses. These are the fire hoses you see coiled up in glass-fronted cubbyholes in the wall. These are meant for office workers to use (hence the name "occupant-use"), but firefighters will generally not go near these hoses because of concerns about their maintenance.

  • Security Card Access Systems For Financial Institutions

    Financial institutions have a responsibility to protect the personal and financial information of its customers while also protecting their assets. Limiting access to different locations in your building can help you to prevent fraud and theft. Card access systems provide a way to do this while monitoring the work habits of your staff. Here are three ways you can use a security card access system at your financial institution. Secure Cash Rooms

  • Two Professionals Who Can Perform Fire Alarm Inspections And How They Do It

    If you have more than just a basic smoke detector and fire alarm system, you know how important it is to get the system inspected regularly. This is especially true if the system's success or failure determines the survival of multiple people in your building. Here are two different professionals who can perform fire alarm inspections and how they do it. Firefighters/Fire Prevention Inspectors Firemen and firewomen who have additional training can lead fire inspections on most buildings.

  • Common Types Of Fire Alarm Systems

    There are many types of fire alarm systems. That's because there are a variety of climates, buildings, and specific needs for protection against fires. However, most times you are probably going to want the common ones mentioned here: Iionization These fire alarm systems tend to be more responsive in a timely manner to fires that contain a high amount of flames (as opposed to smoke). They work by containing a small piece of radioactive materials that rests between two metal plates (that are electronically charged).

  • Home Security Systems And Renters: What You Need To Know

    If you are renting a home without a security system, you may wish to have one installed for your and your family's safety and peace of mind. However, many renters have questions about whether this is something they can legally do or if it is something they should do. Here are a few frequently asked questions about home security systems and renters that may help to inform you. Can You Install a Security System in the Home You Are Renting?

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    protecting the things on your property outside of the home

    Many homeowners focus their home security systems on the home itself but neglect to cover the other structures on the property and the property itself. Do you have an outbuilding, shed or garage that you use to store things in? Do you put those expensive inflatable decorations out in your lawn each holiday? There are probably several things outside of your home that warrant protection as much as the things that you keep inside of your home. This blog will show you the security measures that you can take to ensure that everything on your property is protected as best as it can be.